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Standard Accounting Manual

Project Overview:

In 1997, The Reynolds & Reynolds Company created a standardized accounting program for the Harley-Davidson dealer network. The goal is to collect financial data in a uniform manner that will allow the company to give its dealers sound information on which to base business decisions. Central to this effort is the brand-new Harley-Davidson Standard Accounting Manual, an imposing 208-page document dealers can reference to learn how to properly account for every dime that flows through a dealership.

Faced with sending out hundreds of expensive binders filled with this accounting information, however, Harley-Davidson decided to explore the possibility of a computer-based solution. Avtech analyzed the company's needs and developed an electronic Standard Accounting Manual that resides on the Harley-Davidson Intranet. Now any dealer can simply visit the Harley-Davidson website, click on an icon and instantly access the Manual. Here, they can easily scan a comprehensive index of accounting issues, select the area they need help with (for example: depreciation) click on the index listing and hot-link to the appropriate accounting manual section.

In addition, Harley-Davidson decided they needed more than convenient, cost-effective access to the Standard Accounting Manual. They also wanted an economical method of teaching their dealers how to properly use the new accounting system and file financial reports via their Intranet. To this end, Avtech also developed a training course that resides on the Intranet site. Here the dealers get step-by-step instruction on how to collect, record and submit financial data that helps all Harley-Davidson dealers improve their bottom lines. When dealers take the training course, they can always access the on-line Standard Accounting Manual with a simple mouse-click. And as they deal with specific accounting issues within the course, hotlinks instantly take them to the relevant section of the Manual.

For Harley-Davidson this Avtech information solution is not only cost-effective on many levels, it is part of an integrated, comprehensive program, which will increase productivity and efficiency throughout the dealer network.


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