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Computer Based Training (CBT) is a method of training and educating individuals in a way that can utilize several modalities: audio, video, graphics, text, and kinesthetic. This method is preferred due to the fact that we all have different learning preferences.

Also, the fact that a CBT is interactive by design, will offer a self-paced environment that will accommodate the student's level of knowledge.

Additionally, classroom training has its weaknesses. Research reveals low comprehension, lack of retention, and difficulty in transforming "book learning" into practical application.

Elements of a CBT, properly developed, will help reduce training time, increase proficiency, and improve memory retention.

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Viewing the information below can help you determine how Computer Based Training (CBT) applications can benefit your company.

What is CBT? - Learn about the elements used when creating a CBT.
Cost Justification - Evaluate your classroom training expenses.
CBT vs. Traditional Training - Discover the benefits of Computer Based Training.
CBT Isn't for Everyone - Is a customized, interactive, multimedia software application right for you?
Application Examples - View examples of our Computer Based Training solutions.
FAQ - This section contains "Frequently Asked Questions."

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