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 At Avtech, our staff of software developers, writers, graphic artists, and audio/video personnel, create custom-designed, computer-based, interactive training and certification programs; information access systems; sales support and sales force automation tools, and more.

These services are maintained in-house, which allows us to manage our clients' projects more effectively. This business solution has benefited our nationally recognized clients such as: Harley-Davidson, Minolta, Procter and Gamble, AutoNation USA, Reynolds & Reynolds, Copeland, and others.

Step through the topics below to see how this approach can benefit you.

  • Methodology - A well-managed solution, utilizing text, audio, and visual formats to their fullest extent, to achieve the learning objectives.

  • Comprehensive Solution - The combination of individuals with various expertise to form a business solution.

  • Clients - Avtech is chosen by many of the Fortune 1000 companies.

  • Case Studies - Project Overviews for selected Computer Based Training (CBT) applications.

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