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Harley-Davidson Product Comparison Guide:

Develop an Information Retrieval System that retrieves technical data for Harley-Davidson Motorcycles and their competitors and present the data in a side-by-side competitive comparison format. Also allow the user to create a customer profile that then searches for a selection of Harley-Davidson motorcycles best suited to that customer's unique lifestyle. Also provide a library of information pertaining to the Harley-Davidson Motorcycle company and its products.

Harley-Davidson Product Guide

Avtech accomplished this:
By extensively researching Harley-Davidson motorcycles and their competitors and developing a large database, which is accessed through a visually dynamic and user-friendly gui developed in Visual Basic. The cd-rom features animated, interactive screens and menus, that give the user several options for stepping through a selection process and then, retrieving detailed information including technical specifications, marketing positioning, and features and benefits or making a competitive comparison for each selection. It also features an extensive virtual library where a user can search for information about the company, it's history, it's products, technical data and more, presented in a variety of formats including, video, audio and pdf.

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