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Elements in creating a CBT with client examples
Sample CBT's with an interactive demonstration


Interactive Demos

  • Interactive applications allow the user to become more involved with the software program. The user is prompted for actions. The user's responses are then incorporated into the program.

    Click on a category below to view an example of user interactivity.

    Certification – At the end of a test, a screen displays information based on answers selected by the user.

    Hybrid CD Demo – A hybrid CD pools the strengths of both the Internet and CD. This example demonstrates the ability to display content on the Internet (which can be updated easily) with the ability of a CD-ROM to deliver rich multimedia content. You will need an Avtech Demo, Windows95, Windows98, or WindowsNT CD available. Or you can place an .avi file named hybrid.avi in the root directory of one of your drives. (Choose the Avtech Demo option to play this file.)


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