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Through more than 25 years of technological change, Avtech has continually evolved to provide our clients with the latest in custom communications and training services.

1975 - Avtech was founded in June of 1975 as a Custom Communications company, focusing on slide presentations.

1985 - With the addition of an audio recording studio in January of 1979 and the video production studio/suite in March of 1985, Avtech became known for award-winning audio and video presentations as well.

1986 - As computer graphics came to the forefront in 1986, Avtech became expert in graphic design.

1991/92 - Avtech took communications into the 90's by becoming a custom interactive multimedia software company in 1991, as well as joining the Intel Alliance in 1991 and 1992.

1992/93 - In 1992 and 1993, Avtech became an IBM Business Partner, and then an Asymetrix Training Center in 1993.

1996 - In June of 1996, Avtech constructed its former headquarters building on Paragon Road in Dayton, Ohio.

2001/02- In December of 2001, Avtech merged with O'Neil & Associates, Inc., an industry leader in the Technical Publications/Document field. In January of 2002 joined the O'Neil team in our new home on Byers Road.
Today - We work together with our new teammates to ensure that our CD and Internet-based custom software solutions continue to reflect our past experience by including "state of the art" multimedia technology in computer graphics, animation, audio and video combined with the latest in Instructional design to provide truly outstanding training and communications software.

Avtech has always been involved in training and corporate communication. Initially, we produced training programs and corporate presentations using stand-alone videotape format. Today, we have the same product, just a different media in which to communicate.

We still create presentation quality video, but as clips supported by text and graphics. These elements are then incorporated into an interactive multimedia application.

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