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Vision imageJoseph Russo, President

"Avtech is an interactive/multimedia software design company offering creative solutions to satisfy our clients' unique communication needs.

Avtech offers alternative business solutions that are driven by our clients' needs…not technology driven."

-Joseph S. Russo
Founder/President, The Avtech Company, Inc.


The only certainty facing any company is change - change in economic conditions, client demands, technology, etc. Accordingly, Avtech's future rests upon its ability to master change through innovation and cooperation. Rapid change is the norm, and flexibility is the key to success. We constantly ask ourselves, "What can we do today in order to get ready for tomorrow?"

Human creative power - expressed through a highly trained and motivated work force, organizational talent, the ability to adapt, and commitment to excellence - provides Avtech with an important competitive advantage.

At the core of Avtech's vision is our client.

To be a client-driven company means that the people of Avtech must be attuned to the trends, habits, needs, and constraints that are unique to each client. Furthermore, Avtech must possess the flexibility necessary to change with our clients' needs.


The client defines quality. Avtech must produce a creative software solution which meets or exceeds each client's expectation of quality.

Quality is therefore achieved in the following manner:


By identifying product-specific industry standards and client constraints that may influence the outcome of the product.

2. By fostering compatibility between identified industry standards, client constraints, and Avtech.

3. Drawing upon our creative resources, adhering to the principles of continuous improvement, and understanding the unique needs of each client:

  People - We recognize that people with individual requirements are our clients, not just companies.

  Knowledge - We will continually build our knowledge of appropriate multimedia platforms, and use this knowledge to ensure that the clients' message is communicated in the most effective manner.

  Review - We will continually assess our clients' needs in light of future market trends, offering them the most creative "state of the art" solutions that fit their software needs and equipment.

  Staff - We will ensure that we have a professional and qualified staff capable of implementing the solutions we develop.

  Choice - We will offer a diversity of products centering on multimedia communications, without sacrificing the core products and services upon which Avtech is built. The core we speak of is complete multimedia productions - productions utilizing a mix of traditional mediums (sound, graphic, text, and video) presented in a computer environment.

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