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Computer/Internet Based Training
  Interactive learning is the basis of Computer Based Training (CBT) programs. This method of training motivates the employee to become actively involved in the learning process. The physical interaction and mental involvement is an integral part of a Computer Based Training (CBT) program.

  Additionally, studies prove that all people do not learn in the same way. Some individuals need easy to follow roadmaps. They tend to learn linearly. One subject must build upon another; otherwise, it makes no sense to them. Others tend to link ideas together in less direct ways. They jump from one bit of information to another in a pattern that makes perfect sense to them.


CBTs accommodate both styles of learning so that all of your employees can do their best. Moreover, the use of multimedia sound, animation, video, and graphics makes learning more interesting, thereby encouraging employees to learn.




  Sales Force Training
New Employee Orientation
"How To" Training
New Product Rollout
Technical Service Training
Human Resources 

Higher retention - people learn more

  Lower costs than conventional training
  Less time spent in training
    Consistent - everyone receives the same training
  Easily updated to keep current
  Automatic record keeping
  Certifications and competency testing
  Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

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