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Information Delivery Systems
  As powerful as information is, it's of little value if you can't get to it quickly and easily. You already know that computers can store vast amounts of data. You also know how difficult it can be to find that one fact that you need.

  The beauty of an interactive Information Delivery System is that it allows you to find information in more ways than one. It's multi-directional, so even if you cannot remember a name, for example, you can give the system specific criteria to locate the desired information.


So instead of pouring over stacks of books, reports and files, your employees find what they need and get on with their work more quickly!




    Product Catalogues
Price Guides
Procedures Manuals
Accounting Manuals
Reference Manuals


Instant availability of product information

      Costs much less than paper-based systems
      Easy, simple, and quick distribution
      Changes implemented immediately
      Eliminates costly revisions to printed materials
      Instant search and retrieval of any data

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