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Application Example
Avtech specializes in the custom development of interactive multimedia software. One example of this type of software is a Computer Based Training (CBT) application. This method of training incorporates sight, sound, and motion to involve the user and make the message of the objective interesting, meaningful and easy to understand.

CBT style learning offers the opportunity for individualized instruction and embodies creative learning experiences. The student has the freedom to:

Click to see enlarged version.Moore North America needed a CBT program to teach their sales representatives better ways to approach and understand the way their customers do business. To meet Moore's need, Avtech created a CD ROM training program combining text, self assessment quizzes, and situational video simulations. Once completed, the training retains it value as a reference tool.

Click on the illustration to see a larger version. Then, place your mouse pointer over the different parts of the screen for popup descriptions.

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