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CBT vs. Traditional Training
No one denies the value of education. If your employees are more knowledgeable about your company, products, and services, they will likely be more productive. But then there is the cost of education: time spent in classrooms instead of on the job, the expense of travel, accommodations, instructors, and training materials.

Computer Based Training
Traditional Training
Retention is dramatically increased   Training facility dictates the number of students trained at a given time
Reduces learning time by 50 percent   Availability of training facility determines when students receive training
Reduces the need for a dedicated training facility   The number of instructors are proportionate to the number of students needing training
Fewer instructors needed   Training materials needed for each student
Less time away from work   Travel expense of outside instructors or students
Reduces training costs over time   Lodging accommodations for instructors or students
Provides self-paced instruction
Accommodates students' learning styles
Administered instantly and simultaneously
Eliminates the need to gather a large group of students together


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