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What Is CBT?
There are three basic parts to a well-designed Computer Based Training application: Content, Graphical User Interface (GUI) and Functionality. Avtech completely integrates these elements into the CBT. Even though each client has his/her own unique need and focus, the CBT must address each one of these elements.

Content for the CBT is developed based on your training materials. Our Technical Writers translate this material into content that supports the learning objective. In the event that training materials do not currently exist, our Instructional Designers will develop clear objectives and then build the content for the CBT.

The GUI that we develop is intuitive and attractive, depicting the "feeling" of the subject. The GUI is structured so that it is easy to use, consistent in design, and always offers choices to the user.

Functionality is sometimes offered to the client as "add-ons" and may be thought of as enhancements by other developers. Avtech views them as tools and the fundamentals of the CBT. Some of the functionality features include navigation tools such as Back, Next, Bookmarks, and Graphical Screen Outlines. User tools may include Personal Notes and Progress Indicators.

The overall design of the CBT will apply "Adult Learning Theorems" and utilize the medium to its fullest extent to achieve the learning objectives. Which means, understanding the student and also understanding what the student must accomplish. We then apply the appropriate design elements to the CBT development.

Some of the multimedia elements available are text, graphics, animations, audio, and video. These are incredibly powerful mediums that this technology offers. The ability for Computer Based Training to have this at its disposal is indeed what makes it superior to any other learning system. However, knowing which to use and when, is the essence of a well-designed application. It's not enough to know how to use them, but when to use them.

What All of This Means to You

The end result is that you train and inform as many people as effectively and quickly as possible…economically.

Avtech is dedicated to developing CBTs that maximize the medium to provide higher retention through interactive, self-paced design for all types of learning preferences.

The bottom line is that this exciting technology is only as good as the content and design that it is using. Avtech has the experience and the development methodology to create a CBT that will add to your bottom line.

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