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CBT isn't for Everyone
"In the past year, World Wide Web and CD-ROM training programs grew by 87% and 53%, respectively, according to the American Society for Training and Development in Alexandria, VA. Instructor-led training, by contrast, fell by 13%."
Julia King, ComputerWorld, May 19, 1997


If you answer yes to any of these questions, custom training may be the right solution.
  1. Do you want to teach a combination of knowledge, skills, and paradigms that are unique or specific for your business? Industry? Jobs? Needs?

  2. Is the training that you need related to confidential material or will the training be a key contributor to your competitive advantage?

  3. Does the training topic or major goal require a snug fit with your organization's culture, strategy, terminology, values, or expectations?

  4. Do you have special learning-program goals, ideas, budgets, or features that you can't find in prepackaged programs or open seminars?

  5. Do your training needs and objectives require a highly individualized approach or use of cutting-edge technology?

  6. Will your training address highly experienced participants or include advanced or specialized content?

  7. Do you lack some of the necessary time, resources, or expertise inside to design and develop this training?

  8. Do you or others in your company want to play an integral role in the design and development of this learning program or system?

  9. Do you prefer creating training with a team of specialists or shopping for it?

  10. Do you want to pilot and prove the effectiveness of this training within your own company before rolling it out?

  11. Will it be a cost savings to reproduce an unlimited number of learning materials internally?

  12. Do you want to be able to modify, update, or revise the training materials yourself on a just-in-time basis over the next few years?

  13. Does your organization generally endorse the use of outside resources for training?

  14. Can you proceed confidentially on the basis of a supplier's reputation and references without seeing the actual program in advance?

  15. Is it important to you that your employees are able to readily apply their training to the job?

  16. Can you wait three to six months to begin rolling out this training?

  17. Do you think that customization is the best option for this training but assume it may cost too much or be too difficult to do?

  18. Does it make sense to investigate and compare all four types of training - generic, tailored, public seminars, and custom training - for this particular training need before deciding?
"The Case for Custom Training," Stephen L. Cohen, Training & Development, August 1988

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